There are different stories about love that happened during the conflict. There are famous poems, novels and fairy-tales about this. We all often wonder how people find each other and how they choose to build a life together despite all the hate around. Even more, we wonder how it is to be in a mixed marriage in time of conflict and after it? How is it to prevail with your emotional choice and partner in both of your communities, Serbia and Kosovo? How did it all even start? If you are from confronted sides, is it possible to start a family and even to raise a child together? What will be the identity of your child?

If you are interested to know answers to these questions and many others you can think of, you can ask Marija and Shenol and they will answer your questions until the end of October. Stay curious and go


We started to #Lajkit

So, here we are. Ready to welcome you all, to meet you in this space colored with enthusiasm, positive energy, tolerance and laughter. Please be prepared to be amazed. For sure you will LAJK IT what will happen to you once we present the idea behind this web site.

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