So, here we are. Ready to welcome you all, to meet you in this space colored with enthusiasm, positive energy, tolerance and laughter.

Please be prepared to be amazed. For sure you will LAJK IT what will happen to you once we present the idea behind this web site.

It all started when we noticed one stunning fact, that – when we laugh we don’t need the interpretation, it’s understood in all languages and cultures.

You have to admit that this is what we all need – to laugh a little beat more while being really serious about the intention to learn about each other. And that is what we’ll do.

On this web site expect us presenting you all the best about the people from Kosovo and Serbia but in a funny and interesting way. Given that most people are looking for diversity, we want to look for similarities between these two cultures, by promoting cooperation and understanding through speaking the universal language of humor. It is all about talking to each other and excepting one another.

Actually,  we expect from you not to be only the spectator, but also a creator. You should try it, cause it’s fun and easy. So, we dare you to try it 🙂

We started the conversation, that is how dialogue works. Now it is your turn.